Creatively Mott LLC
Is there such a thing as a [techy-type] with a knack for color and aesthetics? Or a graphic designer that understands programming languages, databases and web technology? Yes! Kelly Mott develops feature-rich, web-based business applications that meet goals, provide functionality, and really benefit her clients.

Besides 15 years experience in the arts and information industries, she offers:

  - exceptional graphics experience in both print and electronic media;
  - strong communication with clients, top-notch presentation skills;
  - flair for writing and problem solving;
  - outstanding organizational skills, ability to multi-task, deadline oriented;
  - strong project management skills and experience.
Featured project Buckeye State Sheriffs' Association

- custom Wordpress theme CMS;
- online contact for administrators;
- community notices;
- database driven pages and forms.   Cincinnati, OH